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Smart Exterior LED Lights

Serving Salt Lake and Utah Valleys

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Fully Customizable Colors

RGB-W, bright white, and warm white. Create unique color patterns to celebrate Christmas and holidays or other special events.

Mobile App

Control colors, timers, dimmers, and animations from your smartphone or tablet. Available for iOS & Android devices.

Built-In Timers

Create daily schedules for your lighting system so that your lights turn on and off automatically when you want them to.


Permanent lighting that lasts year after year. No more buying holiday lights or paying someone to hang them.

Ready for the Elements

Waterproof connections for each light and lighting tracks that are protected from the elements.

Product Warranty

Each LED is built to last up to 50,000 hours but if there is an issue, the manufacturer offers a 2 year warranty on all parts of your lighting system.

Year-Round Accent Lighting

Control your lights right from your smartphone. Choose colors and patterns, select individual lights.

Color-Matched to Your House

The aluminum track system can be color-matched to the soffit and fascia of any home.

Permanent Holiday Lighting

Gemstone Lights make great Christmas lights or Halloween lights, or any other holiday! You’ll find fun ways to celebrate special days and events with custom light designs.

Unique Color Combinations & Animations

Create fun designs with different colors. Bring your house to life with animations and timers. Save your creations and re-use them year after year.